HTML comment is used to make a comment in an HTML document.

HTML comment is ignored by the browser. Anything written as a comment is not taken under consideration.

Anything written in between <!-- and --> is considered a comment.


<!-- This is comment and it ignored by browser -->
<p>This is a paragraph.</p>
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Use of comment

In large HTML documents it is good to use comments for future convenience.

<!-- Content starts -->
<p>In long and complex HTML document you can add comments like this.</p>
<!-- Content ends -->
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Correct way to add comment

There are something that we need to take care while creating comment:

<p>Comment is valid.</p>
      <!-- This is a valid comment -->
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<p>This Comment is invalid.</p>
      <! -- This is a invalid comment -->
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Multiline comment in HTML

Multiline comments span multiple lines where the line starts with <-- and ends with -->.

<p>Learning muliline comment.</p>
      <!-- This is a comment line 1 
          This is a comment line 2
          This is a comment line 3-->
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