List of Programming Problems

The best way to learn programming is to solve programming problems. The following are a list of programming problems that you can solve. Problems are categorised on the basis of programming language they are discussed in. Start learning programming by solving these problems.

Python Problems

  1. Factorial Program in Python
  2. Armstrong Number in Python
  3. Lucky Number Program in Python
  4. Fibonacci Sequence in Python
  5. Palindrome Program in Python
  6. Python Program to Find LCM of Two Numbers
  7. Convert Decimal to Binary in Python
  8. Convert Binary to Decimal in Python
  9. Convert Decimal to Octal in Python
  10. Convert Octal to Decimal in Python
  11. Hexadecimal to Decimal in Python
  12. Decimal to Hexadecimal in Python
  13. Anagram Program in Python

Java Problems

  1. Happy Number in Java
  2. Lucky Number Program in Java
  3. Palindrome Program in Java
  4. LCM of Two Numbers in Java
  5. Decimal to Binary in Java
  6. Binary to Decimal in Java
  7. Anagram Program in Java
  8. Prime Number Program in Java

C Problems

  1. Binary to Decimal in C