Javascript Beginner Projects

To learn a programming language, its features, and its real-world applications it is very necessary to create projects using them. Here are multiple beginner-friendly JavaScript projects. These projects will help you to understand the basics of JavaScript and its powerful features.

password generator in Javascript

Password generator in JavaScript

Create a password generator in JavaScript where you can control the length, characters, symbols, numbers, and capitalization of the password.

to do list in javascript

To do list in JavaScript

Creating to do list application in JavaScript improves your understanding of the control of javascript over the DOM (Document Object Model).

age calculator in javascript

Age Calculator In JavaScript

You will learn to create an age calculator that asks you your date of birth and give your exact age in years, months and days. The calculator is so exact that it doesn't give the wrong result in thousands of years.

background image in CSS

Digital Clock in JavaScript

In this digital clock, you will learn to handle date object and create a clock that displays date and time.

javascript calculator

Simple Calculator JavaScript

Creating a calculator using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a good way to practice your web development skills as a beginner.

background image in CSS

Countdown Timer in JavaScript

The countdown timer is a great way to remind you of something important. You will learn how to create a countdown timer in JavaScript.

form validation using javascript

Form validation using JavaScript

Form validation is a great way to make sure your form is filled correctly. Here you will know how to validate filled data using javascript.

toc tac toe javascript

Tic Tac Toe JavaScript

Tic Tac Toe is a very well-known game. Learn how to create a tic tac toe game in javascript with complete source code.

BMI calculator in javascript

BMI Calculator In JavaScript

BMI calculator is used to calculate your body mass index (BMI). BMI is a measure of body fat or body weight. Let's create this here.

animated counter javascript

Animated Counter JavaScript

The animated counter adds up beauty to the website which needs to show some success numbers. You would have seen these on modern websites. Let's create this using JavaScript.

random color generator javascript

Random Color Generator JavaScript

Random color generator is a simple JavaScript project that generates random colors. It creates random colors on a click of a button and displays the color code by changing the background color of the body.