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CSS variables are used to store a value that can be used frequently in the HTML document.

The variables are defined by a name preceded by double dash and value is assigned to the variable after a colon. Example: --my-color: teal;

Defining a Global CSS variable

The variable is defined in a way mentioned above.

Now, to access the variable and to use it in the HTML document we use var() function. Example: color: var(--my-color);

Using CSS variable

Working example:-

CSS variable scope

Any variable that we define in CSS has a scope value. Beyond a variable's scope is not accessible.

We have two type of scope :

  1. Global scope
  2. Local scope

1.) Global scope

A variable which is defined globally can be accessed anywhere in the linked document.

A global variable is defined inside :root selector.

2.) Local scope

A variable is defined locally by defining it within the code block of a specific selector.

A local variable can only be used within the selector it is defined.