Java vs Python for Kids

Looking at the advancement in technology in recent years, it has become necessary to learn to code for kids.

Coding is the new literacy and it is important to learn it at an early age. There are many programming languages available for kids to learn. Some of the most popular programming languages for kids are Python and Java.

This article aims to clear out any confusion you might have about which programming language is better for kids to learn.

Java vs Python for kids

Look by the eyes of a kid

When you surf the internet, you will find many articles that will tell you that Python is easy in comparison to Java to learn.

But this is not true in the case of kids or beginners.

They will find both languages equally difficult to learn when they are starting out.

It is tough to explain but try to imagine you are an alien, and you land in Africa. A lion tries to speak to you, and a gazelle tries to speak to you. Turns out Lion's language is easier than the Gazelles, but it doesn't matter to you the alien because it is all completely new, fresh, and unknown.

Undoubtedly, Python has easier syntax than Java. But this does not mean that it is easier to learn.

Once kids understand the basics of programming, then only they can decide programming language for themselves on the basis of their interest and requirements.

Difference Between Java and Python

Java and Python are two of the most popular programming languages in the world. They are both general-purpose programming languages and have a wide range of applications.

Here is a comparison table for Java and Python to help you understand the difference between the two.

ApplicationsDesktop applications, servers, website tools, game consoles, smartphones, big-data processing machinesDesktop programs, websites, website builders, task automation, data analysis
PopularityWidely usedWidely used
VersatilitySlightly less versatile than Python, but more stableGeneral-purpose language that can address a wide range of problems
ReadabilityMore verbose, but better for handling complex tasksEasier to read and learn, but not necessarily easier to write for beginners
SyntaxMore rigid and structuredMore flexible and adaptable
Learning curveSteeper learning curve, requires more coding knowledge and experienceEasier to learn and understand, but may still be challenging for beginners
Future prospectsJava is not dying, and will continue to be used in the futureBoth Java and Python are future-proof, and will be used in a wide range of applications
Job opportunitiesJava developers may earn less, but projects take less timeNo significant difference in earning potential or job opportunities
Recommended forLarger, more complex projects, such as enterprise-level applicationsSmaller, simpler projects or quick prototyping and experimentation

Java vs Python for Kids: Which is Better?

Coding is an art and programming languages are just tools to create art.

It's always about understanding the concepts of programming and then applying them in the programming language you are learning.

So, for kids who are just starting out, it is better that they focus more on the concepts of programming using any programming language that they find working for them.

But even if you want to hear one answer, then I would say that Python is better for kids to learn, because of it's simplicity and more close resemblance to English, whereas Java can be very complex even for adults.

Note: Python is easy but Java will teach you a deep understanding of programming concepts and will help you in the long run. So once you are done with Python, you should also learn Java.

Here is Google Trends data for Java and Python to help you understand the popularity of the two programming languages.

Coding courses for kids

This is a tricky one because if you know of a very good course that teaches Java or Python, then the course itself may be justification for teaching your kid one or the other.

There are coding courses for kids that work games into the process, and that too is a big part of learning code as a child. Beware of coding courses that perhaps your kid has already been exposed to.

These sites are far better at marketing to children than they are at teaching them coding. Plus, if your child has had a skewered start in the world of coding, then the course you choose may need to fix some of the misunderstanding (damage) that has already been caused.


Summarizing the key points made in this article includes, differentiating between the two languages, which is better for kids to learn, and the best coding courses for kids.

Java and Python are both great programming languages, and both are used in a wide range of applications.

Java is more rigid and structured, while Python is more flexible and adaptable.