7 Best Beginner Projects For New Programmers

You need to start building your own projects if you are a programmer. Working on projects will help you gain some good practical knowledge.

You can start by building some basic web projects or tools that can solve a user's problem.

So if you are looking to test your coding and programming skills, just look at the projects stated below.

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List Of The Projects To Make For New Programmers

Here is the list of the projects that you can build as a beginner programmer to test your skills.

1. Keyboard Tester

A very interesting project that can be created very easily. It is based on a simple idea: you can test your keyboard using an application.

Using this software, you can test your keyboard and you can find out whether your keyboard is working fine or not. Just visit the website keyboardtester.io and launch the keyboard tester.

When you launch the tester, a virtual keyboard appears on your screen. Now to test your keyboard, press any key on your keyboard.

If the key works fine, the action will be reflected on the virtual keyboard.

The key you press on your keyboard gets highlighted on the virtual keyboard. And this is how this tester helps you to test your keyboard.

Keyboard tester screenshot
Image Source: Screenshot (keyboardtester.io)

2. Chess Game

Chess is a very good project for a beginner, as you need to use many algorithms in this project.

And when you use them repeatedly, you will learn them better. Doing this project will brush up your coding techniques very well.

In this project, you need to create a game board. And you have to create the pieces which will be used in the game.

You have to create moves for each piece. Moves of every piece will be designed individually.

And you have to create a game logic that will check whether the move is valid or not.

Chess game screenshot
image: chess.com

3. Mobile application

If you seek to learn application development or software development, you should work on an application development project.

This will help you learn more about how to handle an application.

You take any issue and solve it using an application.

In this project, you will enhance your knowledge as you will have to use different technologies for a single project. Working on application development will make you learn many new things.

Mobile application
Mobile application

4. Calculator

A very simple yet good project to work on.

You can create a visual calculator. While creating a calculator, you will know how to implement coding for solving basic BODMAS problems.

This will be a completely new experience for you and help you learn about the coding language you want to get used to.

Calculator screenshot
Calculator screenshot

5. Countdown timer

You can work on a countdown timer. It will be very interesting to work on as you need to make a time-calculating code to set the alarm whenever the event happens.

You have to count the hours, minutes, seconds, months, and years in this count.

So for whatever time the alarm is set, it can go off at the perfect time. The alarm will turn off according to the calculation of the timer.

Countdown timer screenshot
Countdown timer screenshot

6. Drawing app

This project can help you learn new algorithms very fast, as in this project, you need to develop an application that can help you draw.

For drawing, you need to code for a virtual doodle also.

It is a very good project for a beginner, and you should try it if you looking for a good project to work on.

Take care that the user interfaces you develop for the application are easy to understand. This will make the application easier to use.

7. Image Editor

Another fascinating project you can work on.

This project is very hectic, but you can learn a lot through this project. You have to create an application that can help user to edit images.

To make such an application, you will need to research image editing to know what things you have to design while making an application for editing images.


  1. What is the easiest thing to code?

    Many things are very easy to code and you can start making small programs for printing something on the screen.

  2. How do I get ideas for coding projects?

    You should look out for problem statements and then try to find a solution for them and that solution should be implemented using coding.

  3. How do I start my first coding project?

    Just learn the language you are using for making the program. You should use the algorithms to be used for the project.

  4. How can a beginner start off coding?

    If you want to start coding first, you should choose the language you want to use for doing a project.

  5. What are fun things to code?

    Many things are fun to code and can be coded easily, like a snake ladder game or tic-tack toe.


Work on different HTML projects to get started. Move on to higher and more complex projects once you master these basic HTML projects.

These will polish your coding skills and develop muscle memory to work your way up to coding with javascript and python projects.

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