Threads VS Twitter

Threads is a new social media app by Facebook which is designed to be used as a companion app for Instagram.

It is a competitor of Twitter and is designed in the same way as Twitter works with some taste of Instagram in its UI components.

For now both working and purpose of both the apps are same, but Threads is a new app and is still in development phase, so we can expect some new features in the future.

Let's see how Threads is different from Twitter in this article.

threads vs twitter

Threads VS Twitter

Here is a table showing the difference between Threads and Twitter.

Character limit500280 (for unverified accounts), 2,500 (for Twitter Blue subscribers)
Video lengthUp to 5 minutesUp to 2 minutes and 20 seconds (for non-verified accounts), 10 minutes (for verified accounts)
Trending topicsNoYes
ExploreScrolling through home feedExplore tab
Integration with other platformsIntegrated with InstagramNo
Ad-freeYesNo (for now)
CostFreeFree (for basic features), $8/month for Twitter Blue (for additional features)

Above table clarifies features differences between Threads and Twitter.

Pros and Cons of Threads

Here are some pros and cons of Threads.

More personal platformLimited feature set
More intimate updatesNot as popular as Twitter
Ad-freeCan be difficult to find new people to follow
Integrated with Instagram

Pros and Cons of Twitter

Here are some pros and cons of Twitter.

More public platformMore features, but can be overwhelming
More news and informationMore popular than Threads
Ads can be targetedEasier to find new people to follow
Can be used to reach a wider audience
More features, such as hashtags, polls, and DMs

Additional information


Threads is a new app, and it is still in development phase, and also it does not have such vast user base as Twitter has. It can be good for those some people who want to share their personal updates with their close friends and family. But if you want to reach a wider audience, then Twitter is the best option for you.

Similarly, different people have different needs, so you can choose the platform that best suits your needs. For reference, you can check the table above.