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The Jumbotron component of bootstrap is a flexible component that is used to showcase some special content on your website.

You can use .jumbotron class with <div> tag to create a jumbotron. You can wrap any valid HTML element with jumbotron.

The Bootstrap's jumbotron CSS property are :

  • padding: 2rem 1rem;
  • margin-bottom: 2rem;
  • background-color: #e9ecef;
  • border-radius: 0.3rem;

Below is an example of jumbotron. See how it stands out from other elements.

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Full-width Jumbotron

You can see in the above example the jumbotron box as a round border. To remove the round border and get full-width jumbotron, add the .jumbotron-fluid class and add a .container or .container-fluid within.

Here is an example below, look at its border-radius and width. (Play the code to see better)

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points to remember Points to remember:
  1. Jumbotron is used for a showcase of special elements.
  2. Use .jumbotron class on the div element to create bootstrap's jumbotron.
  3. For full width and no border-radius in jumbotron use additional modifier .jumbotron-fluid and add a container or container-fluid inside.
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